ABC's The Bible Edition

Taking Children Through The Stories of The Biblical Times 
ABC's The Bible Edition
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Courtney has lived in Texas since 2010 with her husband Joshua and young daughter who was her inspiration for her new book.

When not writing, Courtney serves in her local church, volunteers at her local school and own / operates "Firefly Books".

"Firefly Books" is a small business focused bookkeeping firm that helps ease the burdens of daily record keeping for their owners.

Courtney's book, which was launched on April 19, 2023, and is available on AMAZON, has been a big hit with young children (pre-school & kindergarten).

This is the first book Courtney has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to have fun, entertaining and informative conversations with children teaching them about stories from the Bible. 

There's also particular excitement about this launch because she wrote and dedicated this book to her daughter.

"ABC's The Bible Edition" sets its main focus on the interesting and historical stories from the bible. Readers will likely find a particular interest in how the book gives children an introduction to Bible stories that will spark questions and conversations. Children will learn about people, places and events in biblical history.

The book's cover art and illustrations were created by Juliana McClain. 

Being a mother of a young child and serving in her church helped shape the creation of this book.

When asked about why they wrote the book, Courtney said: "I wanted to teach my daughter the history that is found in the Bible in a way that I thought would entertain and make it fun for her."

Courtney has hopes that the book will inspire children everywhere to want to learn more about the history within the Bible.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking her loving and supporting husband Joshua, her illustrator Juliana and of course her young daughter for their part in the creation of the book, saying: "Juliana's drawings really captured the messages within the book and my daughter inspired me everyday to do this for her."